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Kind words...

Darlene is the real thing.  Let me just say that to start.  If you're here reading you are already searching and hoping to find someone who is truly able to speak to spirits.  She is.  Believe me, I went into this hopeful but also skeptical that anything would come of it.  We didn't discuss who may or may not be reaching out to me nor did I have any actual questions for someone.  We just talked and waited to see.  She reached out and there was my grandmother, talking about Christmas and some heirlooms of her's that my mom is just hanging on to, that are meant for me. (I got them by the way lol) We had many family things that we shared but Christmas and her love of decorating were some of the strongest.

While we were talking Darlene said there was someone else, someone very anxious to talk to me. Very anxious.  I knew when she said that it was my husband who had passed away, but didn't tell her that.  Instead she said to me that it was someone who loved me very very much.  I knew from that but there were so many more things, roses we both remembered in an unusual way, games, pennies...

It made me feel so close to both of them, but him especially.  I'm looking forward to talking with her again now that I know Jonny is right here with me and I have some questions!  Thank you Darlene and again, if you're wondering if you should do this, if you can trust her, if it's is.


Darlene has been nothing but encouraging and positive and I love her. Call her now!

Marie G. ~ Chicago

This was my first spirit reading, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I went into it feeling scared, worried that I might hear bad news or that the loved ones I cared most about wouldn't reach out to me. Darlene has a calming demeanor, so my fears quickly dissipated. If you're like me and consider yourself very guarded with your feelings and past experiences, don't let that stop you. I promise she'll quickly put you at ease!

She knew things that very few people know, and she couldn't have randomly guessed. Some of it was fun stuff, like that I'd been on a brownie making binge, but other things were personal and related to a health matter. I got a pretty clear sign from my spirit guide  (I didn't even know I had one!) that I'm making the right choices in the matter.

Some of the messages that were communicated to me didn't make sense in the moment, but I think that's because the person reaching out was from my early childhood. That person loved me dearly, but I was so young when they passed away that I don't think of them as often as I think of others. The passage of time hasn't changed their love for me. 🙂 If something doesn't "click" right away, you're going to have a pretty surprising and shocking realization later when it starts to make sense.

She's very knowledgeable when it comes to spiritual matters and offered tips to help me communicate with spirits on my own and tapping into my creativity. The time you spend with Darlene will be SO valuable and can help you find direction.


Darlene brought me to happy tears.

I waited so long to connect to my mother and Darlene was able to after others couldn't. She gave me evidence and a special message.

Highly recommended!

Holly James

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